"Sencha" 煎茶

Sencha is most popular green tea of daily use. It occupied 80% of total tea consumption in Japan.  Picked leaf is steamed and dried with rolling. When finished the process, tea leaf is being shaped. Good quality tea can be identified by observing the shape of dried leaf. It was well rolled and tightly shaped, basically smaller shape is regard as higher rank.

"Eighty-eight nights" tea leaves
The best season of picking and creating new Sencha is middle of April to beggining of May, so-called after eighty-eight nights since New Year day.

Areas & Manufacturers
Ureshino :  Ureshino Cha
Feature of  Ureshino "Sencha" 
Refreshed feelings called by its aroma, brisk touch of first attack of its fegrance,right green color, less bitter, rich taste while sometimes remain sweetness after drink up. A charming tea.
More about Ureshino Tea : Ureshino Green Tea

Nara: Yamato Cha 
Feature of Yamato "Sencha"
Clear and elegant aroma awakes one's mind, right golden color, slightly bitter-sweet taste but remain softness till the end. A sophisticated cup for adult.