Arita Artist Kinsai Fujii

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Kinsai Fujii - Arita artist with his astonishing work of creation -

Kinsai Fujii - 藤井 錦彩 -

“It is natural that many superior potters exist in Arita since its traditionally local industry is manufacturing pottery and porcelain. For that tradition, there are too many ties for ‘young sprouts’ binding to the industrial society to glow freely. New potters are tend to ‘go under a big tree’ – rely on matured ceramists to take shelter rather than find their wings go off. In these situations, Kinsai Fujii, has never lost his fortitude and pursue his own style. Nowadays his platinum and gold plating technic forge a reputation as a unique style within Arita ceramics in Japan. I eagerly looking forward to his great achievement in the future, adding width and depth by concentrating on work. “

------by Manji Inoue, an important intangible cultural asset (Japan’s Living National Treasure) Ceramist

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